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Forest Farm Forest Road
MK19 7DE

01908 991055

Reece Beard +44 (0)7803 493365 / Tom Holland +44 (0)7876 197223

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1. Business details This is the privacy notice of Inspire Engineering Ltd. Our address is at Forest Farm, Forest Road, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, MK19 7DE. 2. Aims of this notice Inspire Engineering Ltd is required by law to tell you about your rights and our obligations regarding our collecting and processing any of your personal information, which you might provide to us. We have a range of policies and procedures to ensure that any personal information you supply is only with your active consent and will always be held securely and treated confidentially in line with the applicable regulations. We have listed the relevant documents in a later section (6) and can make any available. 3. What personal information we collect about: a) customers b) employees and c) third parties 1. Customers. As a registered automotive business, we must collect some personal information on our customers, which is essential to our being able to provide effective service. The information is contained in individual files (manual and electronic) and other record systems, all of which are subject to strict security and authorised access policies. Personal information that becomes inactive, e.g. from enquiries who do not use our services, is also kept securely for as long as it is needed, before being safely disposed. 2. Employees and volunteers. The business operates a safe recruitment policy to comply with the regulations in which all personal information obtained, including CVs and references, is securely kept, retained and disposed of in line with data protection requirements. All employees are aware of their right to access any information about them. 3. Third parties. All personal information obtained about others associated with the delivery of services, including contractors, visitors, etc. will be protected in the same ways as information on customers and employees. 4. How we collect information The bulk of customers, employees’ and third parties’ personal information is collected directly from them or through form filling, mainly manually, but also electronically for some purposes, e.g. when contacting the business via its website. All personal information obtained to meet our business requirements will always be treated in line with our explicit consent, data protection and confidentiality policies. Our website and databases are regularly checked by experts to ensure they meet all privacy standards and comply with our general data protection security and protection policies. 5. What we do with personal information All personal information obtained on customers, employees and third parties is used only to ensure that we provide an effective service. It will not be disclosed or shared for any other purpose. 6. How we keep your information safe As already stated, the business has a range of policies that enable us to comply with all data protection requirements. Foremost are: • Computer Security • Data Protection 7. With whom we might share information We only share the personal information of customers, employees and others with their consent on a “need to know” basis, observing strict protocols in doing so. Likewise, we would not disclose information about our employees without their clear agreement, e.g. when providing a reference. The only exceptions to this general rule would be where we are required by law to provide information, e.g. to help with a criminal investigation. Where we provide information for statistical purposes, the information is aggregated and provided anonymously so that there is no privacy risk involved in its use. 8. How long we keep information There are strict protocols in place that determine how long the organisation will keep the information, which are in line with the relevant legislation and regulations. 9. How we keep our privacy policies up to date The staff appointed to control and process personal information in our organisation are delegated to assess all privacy risks continuously and to carry out comprehensive reviews of our data protection policies, procedures and protocols at least annually.

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